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At Kents Hill Nursery we provide a broad, balanced and rich nursery education through a range of ‘Core Experiences’ within both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. The environment itself is carefully structured and rarely changed (unless for a very good reason) as this promotes security and continuity for the children.
The curriculum offered to the children comprises the ‘Core Experiences’ explained below. Every experience enables the children to access elements of each of the seven areas of learning.
Responding to the seasons and the calendar gives a ‘shape’ to the children’s year in Nursery and provides special, one-off opportunities for exploration and learning such as festivals that are celebrated by groups of people emphasising togetherness and participation with one another e.g. Easter, Eid-ul-Adha, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year.
Creativity runs through the whole curriculum, with each Core Experience offering opportunities for children to make choices, think through solutions to problems and find unique ways of expressing their ideas through talking, drawing, painting, creating models, making music, singing, dancing and moving, enabling them to become confident and independent learners.
This website has a wealth of useful information for parents of young children:

The photographs below show children learning and exploring in all the different Core Experiences on offer within our Nursery.