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Attendance at school is not only a legal requirement but also has a huge impact on the attainment and progress of our children. Attendance also has an impact on the judgement Ofsted makes – a school with attendance below the national average (and it is not improving) cannot be a “good” school. This is why it is so crucial to maintain really good attendance and punctuality throughout the year.

Did you know?

  • 95% attendance = 10 days absent a year
  • 90% attendance = 20 days absent a year
  • 85% attendance = 30 days absent a year
  • 80% attendance = 40 days absent a year

“Every Minute Counts”

If your child is late every day…

In a year your child would lose the following days education…

5 minutes late

3 days

10 minutes late

6 ½ days

15 minutes late

10 days

20 minutes late

13 days

30 minutes late

19 ½ days

Establishing good patterns of attendance now – and only taking days off when it is really necessary – is preparing our children to succeed in their future lives.

For your information:

  • The legal responsibility for ensuring children come to school lies with the parents;
  • If a child arrives after the register has been taken (this is 9.00am) they will be marked as late and if they arrive after 9.15am the session will be recorded as an unauthorised absence; and
  • Holidays will not be authorised and if they are taken parents may be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) fine.


Percentage attendance between : 19/01/2018 & 25/01/2018

NB: taken from AM on the previous Friday to PM on the current Thursday

Ash 92.8 % 
Beech 97.2 % 
Chestnut 98.89 % 
Elm 97.29 % 
Oak 93.3 % 
Willow 96.9 %